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Sports Collector Cases


SKU: 21663

The Basketball display case is designed to hold a regulation NBA basketball. The size makes it versatile enough to hold soccer balls and volleyballs or any type of mid-size collectible.

The Football Display Case fits any NFL, CFL, or High School football. You won't need to deflate the ball for it to fit in the case.

The Hockey Puck Display Case is a clear square two-piece hockey puck display for any Hockey puck, from vintage to youth league.

The Baseball display case is a clear, stackable solution for your valuable autographed baseball collection. It’s also great for Tennis balls too!

The Golf Ball Display case is great to show off that hole-in-one, eagle or tournament ball, or display an autographed golf ball from one of your PGA idols.

  • Football: 28.95 x 17.78 x 17.78 cm
  • Basketball: 23.97 x 23.97 x 23.97 cm
  • Hockey Puck: 7.62 x 7.62 x 3.05 cm
  • Baseball: 9.65 x 9.65 x 9.65 cm
  • Golf Ball: 4.45 x 4.45 x 4.45 cm

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